Alan Rohrbach Early 2008 Interview 12th Anniversary Retrospective

Radio Interview of Alan Rohrbach (May 2008)

Career Development from Runner to Institutional Research, Individuals vs. Institutional Advantages on the Evolutionary Trend View, and a radical Spring 2008 thought.

Back in 2008 successful floor trader Craig Weil hosted the Saturday morning radio show Traders Talk Live. On Saturday May 24th he aired his early week interview of Alan Rohrbach on how he had evolved out of very extensive derivatives business experience into international institutional market advisory. In addition to all of that background, Alan also offered a very interesting, and at the time highly contrarian, market view.

This perspective on trend analysis and the institutional trader mindset is useful education as well as background on Alan Rohrbach’s career evolution.

I: Introduction and how he was drawn to market analysis, especially his fascination with the challenge of price discovery (at 03:45.) (Total: 6 min.)  Listen to MP3

II: Mentors, and moving on to institutional consultation, especially his early mentors (at 02:00), being asked to teach the CME Technical Analysis Course (at 03:30) and his shift to longer term trend views and institutional advisory (at 05:45.) (Total: 9 min.)  Listen to MP3

III: Institutional vs. individual: ‘evolutionary’ trend view, including institutions larger portfolios and global information versus individual trader agility (at 01:00), how much information access has improved for individual traders, (at 03:55) and that they MUST take advantage of it to know what international events are impacting their domestic markets (with a major example) (at 04:25.) (Total: 6 min.) Listen to MP3

IV: Questionable equities basing, and ‘radical’ tech thought, with 'macro' psychology into very specific 'technical' idea from 01:30 to 03:45. Actually recorded May 20th, with DJIA failing 12,500 by the time it aired, on its way of course to much worse!!
- Annotated Historic Daily Chart: Early 2008 Bottom Failure - Annotated Weekly Chart
(Total 6 min.)
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