Executive Series Topical Q&A with Ceres Limited’s Brian Jenkins


2014/01/17: Some Compelling Basic 'Advice'

New or rapidly developing traders and even some aggressive self-directed investors seek advice from seasoned professionals. Brian Jenkins asks Alan Rohrbach what is the most important basic advice he would share with those folks. It's all about the ability to be both thorough and active at the same time, with a key reference to an ancient Chinese philosophical treatise.


2014/01/17: Thorough Means 'Macro-Technical'

Following up on his inquiry on best advice for new and developing traders, Brian Jenkins also wants to know, "How do you create a 'thorough' analysis?" The answer is a firm grounding in both sides of the trend analysis equation, and how most traders/analysts have accepted that.


2014/01/18: Blog Best Platform for Clients

Brian notes that blogs seem somewhat trendy. How can Rohr-Blog.com be a best-of-breed research and analysis platform? It's all about most effective access and the very beneficial trend clarity Rohr's active video analysis brings to both blog subscribers and advisory clients. It's a long way from the Dinosaur Age of manual quote reporting and teletype machines.