The ROHR Insight Advantage

Rohr International... primarily a technical price trend analysis advisor that includes politico-economic observations within the context of the prevailing trends. We believe thorough and cohesive trend analysis requires review of many factors, including the major fundamental background and event horizons, as well as a sense of how fundamental influences and technical indications are blending. Ultimately prices do not move because people draw lines on charts and use technical indicators.

Aggressive evaluation of significant technical indications across many time frames is required to develop the long-, intermediate- and short-term trend insights required to serve our broad clientele. The scope of this analysis is very extensive. It includes monthly, weekly and daily price histories, with moving average, oscillator and Relative Strength Index indications assessed for appropriate time frames. Intermarket activity and influences are also studied for key insights that aid effective market assessment.

Clients achieve significant benefits from the Rohr Report now available through Rohr-Blog posts and emailed notes. It focuses on confluences of trend indications as well as important politico-economic perspectives. Together these reinforce the critical nature of specific price levels at distinct points in time. It provides an extensive review of key trend decision levels, exploring the basis of the most important technical patterns and trend indications in the context of fundamental factors. Concise telephone consultation that refines analyses to address specific client needs is also available.  

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