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'Independent thinking' is a cornerstone of success in capital markets and portfolio management. That you demand it from both your team and independent advisors as well is no surprise, as a significant majority of portfolio managers do. And you don't need to take our word for it. A recent Thomson Reuters Extel poll of 5,900 professional portfolio managers noted that roughly 69% "want 'independent-thinking' from researchers" (as cited in the graphic accompanying a June 6, 2011 Financial Times article on independent research vs. investment bank research departments

The Rohr-Blog advantage flows from three sources: Truly independent broad perspectives, chance favoring the prepared mind, and highly effective trend-decisive  price levels for risk management success.

I. Truly independent broad perspectives on capital markets developments and their Extended Trend Implications. With four decades of market involvement and thirty years of capital markets advisory, there is very little we haven't seen before; it is all variations on well-established themes and repeating cycles. That doesn't make it easy, yet does lend itself to understanding how influences evolve to impact trends; and most likely times when reversals might develop. Can the govvies rally right along with equities right now? Will weak equities necessarily bring a 'haven' bid to the US dollar? Does Quantitative Easing really bolster the government bond markets? Whatever the influences might be, our experience and ability to provide highly effective psychological perspectives through which to interpret the implications is second to none.

II.   Chance favors the prepared mind. We provide an extensive view of major economy upcoming reports and events each week. By cross-checking significant sources, we provide clients with a thorough view each week of upcoming economic data, central bank meetings and selective reports, speeches and testimony, government bond auctions, insights from nongovernmental organizations, and other important information. Uncertain times mean allowing for developments in facts-on-the-ground is also essential. Yet, it is still critical to know the nature and schedule for the classical influences.

III. Highly effective trend-decisive price levels and concise commentary on key indicators and signals. While technical analysis may only be an advanced form of the psychological profile of the market momentum, it is highly useful nonetheless in two very significant ways. First is allowing the market to express its opinion of what the news and economic data mean through its activity at critical price  thresholds. Secondly, it is only reasonable in such highly volatile times to understand where the most likely trend turning points might be in order to apply effective risk management principles and practice.

All of these considerable advantages are consistently available in one place...

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Enhanced 'independent thinking' advantages are available in the (Gold Echelon) Extended Market Implications and weekly Rohr International Calendar (drawn from may sources.) The ultimate access to effective technical trend analysis is also available to you in the (Platinum Echelon) Current Rohr Technical Projections and Select Comments... among the best 'sharp pencil' risk management tech levels and perspectives.